Christmas is Dead! Long live Christmas!

As a present for my mum my sister did a portrait of us kids, and I had this idea to do it like a crappy 70’s suburbian family, it didn’t really come across, but it came out nice anyway. So season’s greetings from the Bereza’s.

Then for my dad, I made him a website: If you click the link and see that there’s still no content, please kindly click the contact link on there and politely ask him to start sticking stuff up. Seriously, if I had my own website I’d be posting every day, even in my sleep.

Oh, and Happy New Year. Relatively painless this year. Went to Arthur’s and there were pretty much just French people there, and Andrew. Then because the majority were on French time, we had the count down at 11pm. It wasn’t so bad.

I noticed a few people emailing in facebook that they said they were leaving it permanently. I just thought it was funny. Don’t forget to pack your lunch in a hanky and put it on the end of a stick to make it easier to carry (note to Dick Whittington: if you’re reading this please could you email me and explain how this works exactly? Cheers) Maybe they should have facebook leaving parties.

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