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Itchy Feet

I'm baaaack. But not for long. Tomorrow I set sail for New York, in search of hidden treasure, argh.

The Ireland tour... Good, clean fun. We were taken round Ireland by this band called Bats who were most hospitable. They even let us draw on them (pictured above). We went to Dublin, Limerick, Galway and Cork. Galway was the best, the venue provided us with a flat and everything. The audiences in Ireland were so much more appreciative than here it rocked. We ended up doing not a lot of sleeping, but played better than we ever did.

The next weekend it was Timmy's pool party. Pool party? How could I say no? I probably shouldn't get a pool in my house when I'm older because I'll end up turning into a prune. It was wicked. They tried to play drinking games, which I flatly refused to participate in, because they're rubbish (because I always lose and it's a kind of Catch 22 I like to pace myself). Pictured above is apparently tradition of Timmy's party when on the way down they play "Pingcock", being ping pong with a shuttlecock.

Then someone said "Let's get naked", and I obliged not wanting to feel left out. Then someone started commenting on how good this girls' boobs looked, and I guess, he couldn't resist a little feel, so he gave it a little tap on the underside, just a little pat, and she jumped out of the jacuzzi, completely starkers, and scarpered. It seemed a pretty stupid thing to do, but I kind of feel sorry for the guy, maybe because it was so easy to do it. The breast was just sitting there, right infront of him. They had loads of inflatable things, a surfboard(!) and loads of coloured plastic balls. When it got late and everyone was sleeping, I went into the pool and tried to group them by colour.

So I managed to cram a little sleep in, before heading out to the Notting Hill Carnival, and I spent maybe an hour and a half finding the Abashanti stage (almost uncomfortably loud dub music) to find Max and Troy. We got some fish curry then bumped into some other friends who'd made a mint out of selling strongbow out of a dustbin. Genius.

The next friday, I made some pineapple saké with the specific intention of enjoying it with Cheryl, but she was busy, so I arranged to meet Arthur at Piccadilly at 7. When I got there, it also became apparent that several hundred cyclists arranged to be there at the very same time, for Critical Mass. So, we deemed it as fate and decided to join them. As the website states, it's pretty disorganized and there's no set reason for why they do it, but they just flood the streets, and get in the way of traffic. The reason I liked it, I think, was because it annoyed all the drivers who were just trying to get home on a friday night after a week slogging away at work. You could hear them all honking their horns, it felt good. I love annoying people.

The following week, it was back to work, preparing for the final presentation to someone from the Maclaren design team, which went horribly pear-shaped. I don't even want to talk about it. But after, we watched southpark on the smartslab and went home for tea and cakes. come back in a week for Marek's adventure in the big apple.

23:32 09/09/07
Hipocrisy Reigns Once Again

So, to continue the story, I got back to Highbury on Sunday, night of the last post, to find a dear friend of mine quite inebriated. He started violently hurling himself into a dustbin. He did it a total of two times which I thought was probably grounds for an insanity plea if the angry neighbors above were to call the police as they had promised.

I managed, very eaily, to convince work to let me have the week off, so I could go to Ireland with the band. The plane leaves soon, so I'll have to write quick. I took a few days off beforehand to go to with Arthur.

I've never really had that much against the police force, but this was a bit different. Before, I'd always cowered at the sound of a police car, but this was irrational, and just me thinking I'd actually done something wrong. But at the protest, they were sneaky, lippy and generally very ungentlemanly. They turned up in their droves, it felt like there were more of them than protestors themselves. (I was more of a spectator or a tourist).

What was worse was the fact that they were standing in opposition to the protestors, which makes them the enemy, even though the protest is to protect the world including everything on it, including the police. And the police broke agreements that they had made with the protestors, such as walking onto the site in full force early in the morning, when they had previously agreed to allow only two police at a time.

As neither of us had sleeping bags or tents, me and art had to go hobo style and sleep in one of the marquees. As you can see arthur made himself a nice little coccoon while i settled for wrapping myself in a tarpaulin. It really wasn't that bad. The planes were a bit noisy though. Not as noisy as the giant wind turbine in the middle of the campsite.

And finally, last night was Rocksound's 100th Birthday (that's 100 issues not years). The band got invited so we went down and watched this band knock over all their drums and storm off. I really should go now. Back to Heathrow. Yes, I know ever the hippocrite.

12:41 16/08/07
The Honeymoon Is Over

I don't really want to say anything. Anything. There. I did it. If you really want something, then you should do everything in your power to get it, right? What if it's a relationship? Doesn't really work like that. It's like it's the one thing that the rule doesn't apply to.

Well, seeming as this is a personal record of my life, primarily for myself, I shall recount recent events for future reference. On Friday, we (Down I Go) played a show in Kettering. The audience consisted of the band formerly known as Mumrah: The Display Team. Alan threw a rock at Ben's car Maybe Ben could explain better.

Next day was Down I Go at The Windmill in Brixton, where they plied us with (free) junk food, and subjected us to music beyond my power of reason.

So, today. That would have been, Troy's Birthday (pictured with his son Sol), Ceed's (Celine's) Birthday, or meeting with Cheryl. So, I ended up doing the first and last. The last was... well. Futile?

00:22 06/08/07
Posts Back from The Dead!

Managed to recover some of my Adventures in Japan, courtesy of The Wayback Machine. Sadly minus the pictures (although I still have them on hard drive in the wrong format). So it's just blocks of text, but I'm going to try to replace all the images in there to provide invaluable reference for future generations of voyagers to the depths of Japan.

23:21 01/08/07
Back to Square Zero

I wanted to buy a bicycle last weekend, so I went to a shop to ask if they knew where I could get a cheap second hand one, and they said Brick Lane, then I said, yeah but it would be stolen, and I don't want a stolen one, then they said 90% of second hand bikes are stolen anyway, so I went down and bought the crappiest one they had, hope karma goes easy on me. Spent the rest of the day cycling around London, then I found a festival for a saint in Little Italy, which is in Clerkenwell. I saw a fake pope and a hot nun.

So that's it, the end of Harry Potter, Master of Death, Destroyer of Horcruxes. I'm just waiting now to have forgotten the whole story so I can read the books again. Thankfully, I've been blessed with a terrible memory, so it shouldn't be too long.

And of course here's another token photo of me making a fool of my drunken self. I've got a nice big reason to be drunk right now, a bad one. Times like this when I really wish the bloody time machine hadn't packed in. Ah, the perils of dating your Nemesis.

23:51 25/07/07
Right Train, Wrong Direction

When all else is lost, Harry Potter swoops down to the rescue. Actually I've still got to wait another couple of days. I went to visit the people camping outside the Waterstones in Picadilly. I aspire to their disregard of reality (pictured).

Since forever, I've kept a strict rule that I don't talk about girls on this site. So I'm not going to. Except that the one I'm thinking about. I wish I could stop thinking about her. I wish I wish I wish. And I hope she's feeling better.

Off to meet James for a sorrow drowning session. See you in a day or so.

18:53 18/07/07
The Day The World Stood Still

Today, it really rained, so I went for a walk in Highbury fields for a bit of a soak. I also took my camera in a ziplock bag to take some photos. In some of the pics the rain on the bag distorted parts of the image. It's so surreal when it rains so heavily in the summer. Every time it happens I just have to go outside and get drenched. I don't know why. Maybe its the sheer scale of it, water falling from miles above, saturating every square inch of the land below for miles. You know that everyone else (in the same town at least) is getting rained on too so it's ok.

Last night I experienced more brain surgery, or brain devourment as pictured. I met up with James, an old school friend, and his new missus, Alex, also an old school friend, and proceeded to drink north london dry, accosting midlife crisis victims and discovering new and interesting places to go to the toilet. I ended up walking from Hampstead to Highbury in the end, which is not entirely unpleasant if you are sufficiently inebriated. All in all, a night worthy of the brain cell death toll.

This website is going to go through a million different variations before I finally settle on something, so bear with me on that too.

02:20 15/07/07
Everybody is Happy

As you can see to the right I've recently received some extensive brain surgery from my sister, so I can hold no responsibility for the following material.

If you're an avid reader, I'm sure you'll want to know what's going on in Marekland. College has finished for this year (one year to go). I've got a job for the Summer which is based in Soho, called Smartslab. The Director of the company is the head prof of our department, so it's like I never really left college. I'm working with a guy off the course, Daniel.

In retrospect I had quite a good Friday 13th. Daniel was given an unwanted invitation to a party held by architect, Zaha Hadid. So we went down to that and ate stuffed quails eggs and quaffed non-descript cocktails and tried to look sophisticated. And failed. But they did let us in.

16:38 14/07/07
I Love The Smell of Napalm in The Morning

The morning will arrive in approximately 6 hours time. And then, with the aid of multiple nicotine patches and a plethora of caffeinated substances, I embark on a new mission of possibly perilous, possibly fruitful ends.

A new day, a new leaf, a new haircut, a new paranoia, a new Marek. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Bear with me.

02:20 12/07/07