I’ve put some more crap on cookandy complete with horrid pictures, seeming as the owner is ignoring it. Apparently he hasn’t even seen the recipes I’ve put up.

I’ve started reading two books at once, well, not at once, but reading a bit of one then reading a bit of the other the next day or something. One is called “How To Be Idle” which Evan put me on to. I’m only a bit of the way into it but it’s awesome. From what I’ve gathered so far, it says the idea of jobs was invented by rich people so they could make more money out of poor people.

Then I read the phrase “working-class” on the page, then it suddenly struck me. What does this phrase mean? I guess, over the years it’s become more derogatory than its literal meaning, but surely it began as one. So, that means I work so I am working class. Does that mean there’s other classes that don’t have to work? Where do I sign up?

And the other is the “4-hour work week” which is totally unashamedly a self-help book. I’ve only really just started it but I’m almost done. The introduction reads like a shopping channel commercial.

I also got to check out this infamous squat in Green Park. They’d turned it into some kind of art workshop place and had life-drawings and ceramics lessons. I think they’ve been evicted which is a shame, because the building’s probably going to sit there empty for another 20 years. link

And then I went kite flying. My friend Clara made me a kite for my birthday, so we took it out. It was pretty awesome, I’d never managed to get a kite flying properly before then.

Then I passed my driving test. first time. easy. well, he said I scraped through. I reckon the examiner let me off because I only had one year left on my provisional license. It only took 9 years.

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