Great Barrier Reef

yesterday we went to the great barrier reef. It was quite expensive but the main thing to do in the part of Australia we were in and quite revered by anyone who mentioned it.

We got a speed boat early in the morning to a part of it known as the outer reef, and stopped at 3 different places where we could jump out and snorkel. It was other-worldly. For a start the coral is alien enough to me in all its luminous hues and bizarre shapes. Secondly, the fact that you’re floating around, weightlessly among fish who don’t just whiz off at the slightest glimpse of you.

The fish were pretty spectacular, remarkable mostly for their colours. Didn’t see any sharks or turtles. I really got the hang of repressurizing myself in order to dive deeper in between breaths so I could get a deep as 10m without my brain imploding through my ears. The fact that I could go so deep made it doubly surreal. an experience totally unnatural for humans.

After that we went a modern Australian dinner in cairns that looked very exciting with emu, croc and kangaroo, but just didn’t really taste of much.

Today we flew to Brisbane for our connecting flight to kuala lumpur. We had must of the day in Brisbane so we had a wander round, had some Japanese food which is plentiful and cheap, went to the main at gallery and then back to the airport.