Isn’t that amoyzing

yesterday was the christening. There was a little bit of panic with the ozzie grandparents of the baby who were hosting the party. We went to a posh boys boarding school Chapel to have the actual christening. It pissed it down all day pretty much. party was ok. We went for a walk afterwards then had sushi and a family argument for dinner!

today we hired a car and went to currumbin wildlife sanctury with Annette’s toddler neice. finally,  I thought,  I would get to see some kangaroos bouncing around,  but was very disappointed to find that they were just lying around,  dozing, surrounded by food.  It was as if they were all hung over. You could feed them but they just weren’t that interested. They were quite funny though, and I did see one of them do one bounce.

There were a bunch of other things like tree kangaroos, who seemed quite depressed. it was incredible though to see these rather large creatures precariously sat ontop of delicate palm trees, taking a nap.

After that we had an amazing lunch of barramundi and chips at a fish and chip shop in Burleigh Head, then off to springbrook national park to see some nature. This consisted of driving down a narrow Road for a mile or so, then getting our and taking in the view from a “lookout” then getting back in the car to reach the next one.

one such lookout was called “best of all” lookout. We got there,  and what we saw instead of the stunning valley we knew to be there,  was a dense covering of cloud. We did find another good lookout into the Valley though,  from which we could see 5 or 6 different waterfalls which kept me happy.