Monthly Archives: May 2011

Back, again

Hello, again. Japan was amazing, see the photos on flickr:
more here if you can be bothered.

I got back from Japan, then I worked, then I had Christmas, then did some more work, then went Snowboarding (but that was for work) in Laax, which is in Switzerland. It’s a pretty awesome resort – it’s mostly for snowboarders, so there’s loads of jumps and stuff to slide on or grind or whatever. Didn’t get that much of a chance to have a go because we were working, but definitely enough to get my fix.

Then about a month later, I went again with Wojt and a few of his friends, to Les Arcs, which was great, we had great snow. It was the first time I’ve ever been to a catered chalet. The chalet girl who was supposed to be cooking for us was useless at cooking, we ended up asking if we could do it ourselves, which she didn’t seem to take too badly, and she would sit and watch TV whilst Claudia and Wojtek would be making dinner. Much tastier.