Monthly Archives: December 2009

Escape from the Castle! (And Elephant)

Season’s Greetings! Goodbye Elephant, hello Highbury (again!) I moved back to my parents’ a few weeks ago, in anticipation of possibly getting a place with Wojtek. 3 weeks is long enough!! Escape!!

So, Christmas was pleasant. Present count a little on the low side, I guess that’s because I haven’t been a very nice boy this year. See karma is central to the biggest christian day of the year. Or maybe it’s because every year, you get bigger, so your presents get smaller by comparison.

I highly recommend going to the V&A to see the Decode exhibition if you haven’t already done. Go on. Get some culture in you. It’s on for ages, so there’s no rush. It’s interactive computery art sort of stuff, but it’s good.

Have a great New Year, see you in the tenties.

Actually, I was thinking, how, if you wanted to say the year, 1909 out loud, you’d say nineteen-oh-nine. So 2009 should be twenty-oh-nine. Better!? I win.