Monthly Archives: November 2009

The human ping pong cannon

Bon soir. I’ve Been in Paris visiting Art and Clarisse with Yoon and Virginia off the IDE course I did. It’s been awesome. The had a housewarming party where I caused a lot of trouble and then we went to the big cemetary in Paris and saw Jim Morrisons grave and Oscar Wildes grave. It’s a cool place I highly recommend taking a pleasant stroll there (but before dusk of course).

We also went to see this guy play the piano in this old theatre in pIgalle. Apparently the place used to be a sexodrome whatever that is. We had this drink called picon mixed with beer it was quite bitter but refreshing. Art said it’s what the old punks drank. Then we went into the basement for the show. The room was pitch black except for the lighting on the stage. It was enchanting. There was a grand piano waiting on the stage. The whole place was tiny.

The concert was just piano, original songs I spired by some French singer called barbara. There was no singing, just piano. The pianist had incredible control and stuck his hand inside the piano to ay with the actual strings. One song, he performed entirely from inside the piano. The compositions were hypnotising. It was hard not to drift off with the music. It’s kind of hard to explain what kind of music it was. Sort of modern piano music with heavy jazz influences, lots of modal stuff where you couldn’t tell what key it was. The pianist was incredibly accomplished. That’s about all.

And we talked a lot about the various methods of projecting ping pong balls, not something that suits everybodys taste here. I learnt the hard way.