Monthly Archives: June 2009


I moved to Elephant and Castle. South of the river, so I don’t have to keep eating babies (apparently that’s what they do on the North side). It’s awesome, we got a great flat with a great view and it’s gated so none of those filthy north of the river’ers can sneak in and steal our young.

Wojtek had a birthday party. Surf and Turf, the food was finished before I got there. It was great though, he’d moved loads of furniture into the garden onto the patio and put loads of lights around, then made a giant barbecue. It was a bit hippy though (but just a bit).

Started doing some tutoring at the RCA to help the graduating students actually graduate. It’s weird, a lot of them seem to just want to have someone to talk to about their project (which at this point is their entire life). It’s kind of like counseling at times.

Went to Oxford last weekend, mostly to visit the Pitt-Rivers Museum which is part of the natural history museum there. I read somewhere that it provided inspiration for parts of Harry Potter and His Dark Materials books, so I *had* to go. It was awesome. The botanical garden there was cool too.