Monthly Archives: February 2009

Snowed In

Yesterday, suddenly there was snow outside, so I decided to go for a run. I got about 100m before I came to my senses. These nicotine patches have been doing weird things to my brain.

Last night, the snow was a sort of hot chocolatey murky orange, which was from the colour of light pollution above London. It made it feel almost like daylight, or just before dawn. Bizzare. In the Alps, it’s usually all blue from the colour of the surface of the moon. Snow’s so white it practically glows.

We made a snow man in the garden – a 3 baller, which fell down about 5 minutes after we let the cat out. Evil little rodent.

Arthur had a little “party” thing at his house on the weekend, so we took his pet marmot on a road trip for some beer. The tescos security guard wasn’t happy.