Monthly Archives: November 2008

Cup of Tea and a Pickled Egg

My god, is that a pulse? I’ve had a pretty boring existence over the past couple of months, ground hog day, open my eyes turn on my computer, type type type, watch a James Bond film go to sleep. I guess I just found it really hard to turn down any work when I graduated, and ended up taking on too much. Well, it’s mostly done now. Time for a break? Never!

Amongst other things, I designed and built an exhibition for Smartslab at The Building Centre, for an exhibition called Digital Cities, with Daniel. I re-did my portfolio website. And made a computer game type thing for a theatre production. And some other stuff but it’s even more boring.

I did a few shows with Down I Go with a different drummer, the one from The Display Team. Good drummer. Ok shows. I think that’s it.

I’ve also uploaded my photos from Japan when I went 3 years ago, since they got deleted accidentally from my blog ages ago. Well they’re there now.

Right, I’m off to have some fun. Honest.