Monthly Archives: August 2008

ESCAPE! (again)

Two posts in One month. Woah. Paul’s wedding is over and done with. I made it out alive. Arthur and I took it upon ourselves to sort out presents for the whole class of IDE. We got them a giant olive tree, and we made him an automatic excuse generator. He’s this little sock monkey guy with a button for a belly button. When you press it he says an excuse in a sort of robot monkey voice. We’re going to post an instructable when we can be bothered.

Went to Notting Hill Carnival. It was ok.

Somehow, I’ve managed to get myself some work. More than I can chew, perhaps. The best one is 2 days a week at Seeper doing an awesome installation with a company called punchdrunk, a festival called hide&seek and some computer guy called Hewlett Packard. More on that as it unravels.

Today, I went to this exhibition called “Games & Theory”, it was pretty disappointing. I saw this awesome photo of this sort of adventure playground thing in Time Out. It made me think of this. In and out in 10 minutes, including time taken to read the pamphlet. It’s a shame. A while ago I was searching the internet for stuff about playgrounds for adults. And no-one’s doing it. Rubbish. When I grow up I’m definitely having one.

I’m off to france on Friday with Arthur. No internet week. Scary. It’ll be like Ramadan. No, it’ll be awesome, we’re gonna stay in his parents’ country house and eat horse burgers and drink buckets of wine or whatever they do there. Awesome.

Upstage the Bride

HAahha ha ahah ahah. Last weekend was horrendous. Actually I didn’t make it to the weekend. Thursday it was Paul’s “Unofficial Stag Night” to which girls were allowed to attend. What kind of stag is that supposed to be? Hardly anyone came, there were no strippers of any kind, I broke the wheel on my bike in a fight against a truck.

This weekend it’s his wedding. Arthur and I have been hard at work on his presents which he shall enjoy immensely.

Come back soon for more crap and more website and possibly an even more unreadable font.