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Japan, take 3.

nice cave pool

nice cave pool

The adventure begins. I’ve been in Yamaguchi for a week for a work related thing. Last night we had a party til sunrise to celebrate the end. Now I have 9 days holiday to spend in Japan. Right now I’m on a bus heading to a cave. Monster hangover, or still drunk, can’t tell. Scenery is ripe with forest.

Went into a massive cave called Akiyoshidai. It was incredible, with turquoise pools of water. I contemplated sneaking off into a hidden place in the cave and spending the night there but chickened out. Outside, it was scorching. I went back into the cave to cool down.

I had decided to sleep outside tonight. Don’t know if it’s going to be a good idea The landscape near the caves is sort of grassland, so no cover or shade, and in the nearby forest, it’s full of insects. Can’t win.

I found a picnic bench under a tree near a forest. Had a nap already, it’s about 6pm. Just gonna stay here or move somewhere else closeby if there are too many insects.