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Kapote Crab

got the boat back to the mainland and then got a taxi to kapote, a big town by a river about 2 hours from sinahoukville. We shared a taxi with Bill and Amy who were American and Philipina respectively and were visiting from the Island of Saipan. it was our first opportunity to see some of the countryside in Cambodia and also, less fortunately, the driving in Cambodia.

For the most part the landscape was flat and green. lots of palm and mango trees. Most of the houses along the road looked pretty worn out or temporary.

The rules of the road are basically – given two vehicles heading towards eachother, the less brave of the two yields to the other. failing that it defaults to “biggest vehicle wins.” Failing that, it comes down to who’s horn is louder. In Cambodia, they drive predominantly on the right but this can change at the driver’s discretion, or when turning, or when the traffic’s bad in the direction you want to go in.

Despite all that, we got there alive, found a hotel, and had crab for dinner.