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Koh Rong

arrived in sinahoukville at dawn, had breakfast on the beachfront from a backpacker barthat wasprobably allopen fromthe night before by the smell of the place. the toast came with furry mould. Got a ferry over to Koh Rong, a small island 40 miles of the coast. It turned out to be a tourist/expat enclave, everything was priced accordingly. Very small though. We stayed in a well appointed hut right on the beach. The sea was as warm as I’ve ever experienced it, we stayed in there most of the day.

Early the next morning we went for a walk around the coast, found some very secluded spots. Quite a lot of the beachesshowed little or no sign of being touched by humans.

We got back into the village where we were staying and stopped for lunch. As we did it started to piss it down and someone pointed out a twisty cyclone thing out at sea.

After the rain subsided, we hired a kayak and some snorkeling gear and paled or to this tiny island a few hundred metres off the coast near our hut. There was coral all around it so we snorkeled all the way round. loads of sea urchin so we had to be careful, but beautiful and interesting coral, different to the great barrier reef stuff, less colourful and slightly deader looking. on the island itself there was a temple. We had a look, got eaten by mosquitos, and got back in the water.

Our hut had a mosquito net around the bed which was quite necessary. The shower was outside, and quite a popular haunt for the little bastards, so consequently I got eaten every time I wanted to wash.