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today we went back to finish our tour of the temples and then into town to kill some time while we waited for evening to get the night bus. one thing we did was to peruse one of these streetside fish tanks that you put your feet in and the fish are supposed to eat the dead skin of them. I wouldn’t usually do this sort of thing but we were bored.

The fish were a bit bigger than I would have liked, probably overfed, and still very hungry. even before you put your foot in they can see you through the water. It’s like a shark pool. You gingerly lower a for in and every single fish comes for a piece of you, the sensation was unbearably ticklish so I had to constantly move my foot slightly to subdue them a little. Can’t say my feet were noticeably better off from the experience. meh.

eventually we crammed in to the night bus (clearly for midgets) to sinahoukville (big town on the coast) which was really strange. No windows, and you sleep in sort of double bunk beds that are more like deck chairs in that the back is raised sothe person in the next row back can fit their feet behind you. Not the most comfortable night’s sleep!

At some point in the night, the coach speed for a toilet break. got off the bus into another world. it was pitch black, probably in the middle of nowhere but you couldn’t see. There was a lamp hanging above a shop constructed of corrugated steel with a huge cloud of moth-like creatures. swarming, bumping into us as we stood there taking in the scene. You could barely make out children sleeping in hammocks. We followed a Christmas tree light illuminated walkway to the toilets. my cubicle had no less than 7 geckos to keep me company and a binch of creepy crawlies and fly-y crawlies to boot.