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Carbon footprint

Just about to board the plane to Tokyo. New York was work hell. Everything was left to the last minute as usual, late nights every night, no time to actually check the city out, but we got away with it in the end!

I got a good few hours to walk around town in my hungoverness and found a Market on one of the avenues, complete with a pickle stall that sold pickled tomatoes and a crazy old man who was mouthing off at all the people who worked on the ethnic food stalls shouting about how they didn’t respect his country and asking them what they did to fight for the country. This would usually upset me and I was concerned for the people he was attacking, but the fact that he made himself look so stupid with his pathetic patriotic attack was actually quite entertaining to watch.

Over and out. Gonna sleep like a sloth now.

Remember me??

To cut a long story short on the Mexico trip, we got to the beach, had an incredible relaxing time then all got food poisoning, all threw up until there was nothing left to spew and then got on the plane home.

When I got back work seemed to explode, that’s why I haven’t posted here. Now I’m off to New York (in the airport now) to spend a week preparing for a job projecting animations onto some building there, then finally finally work ends, hopefully for the year and I’m off to Japan for more adventures.

So, in other news I bought a house with my brother Wojtek. It’s been really difficult to work on it having so much other work on, but it’s almost there now, thanks mostly to my dad. Better catch the plane…

On Holiday, Please Do Not Disturb

Ah, yet another work marathon. Pretty much constantly had my head down since new year. Fun fun fun. I’ve been working for this place in Paris a bit, though, so I get to go there every once in a while…

This month I’ve been trying to tame my overuse of exclamation marks. It was going great and then I just got careless. I haven’t got into trouble with it yet, but I guess that’s only a matter of time. Doing ok so far today.

Tomorrow morning, Project Mexico! (a medium length holiday) I’ll bring you back a nacho. And of course pictures to go with that.

Escape from the Castle! (And Elephant)

Season’s Greetings! Goodbye Elephant, hello Highbury (again!) I moved back to my parents’ a few weeks ago, in anticipation of possibly getting a place with Wojtek. 3 weeks is long enough!! Escape!!

So, Christmas was pleasant. Present count a little on the low side, I guess that’s because I haven’t been a very nice boy this year. See karma is central to the biggest christian day of the year. Or maybe it’s because every year, you get bigger, so your presents get smaller by comparison.

I highly recommend going to the V&A to see the Decode exhibition if you haven’t already done. Go on. Get some culture in you. It’s on for ages, so there’s no rush. It’s interactive computery art sort of stuff, but it’s good.

Have a great New Year, see you in the tenties.

Actually, I was thinking, how, if you wanted to say the year, 1909 out loud, you’d say nineteen-oh-nine. So 2009 should be twenty-oh-nine. Better!? I win.

Late, as usual…

I’ve been a disgrace at keeping this all updated.

Hi, how are you doing?
I’m fine, lots of stuff keeping me busy.

Like what?
For a start there’s freelancing like there’s no tomorrow, then there’s this music iPhone app I’ve been working on, thump, which leaves me little time for anything else.

Why haven’t you been uploading pictures recently?
I was cycling in the rain one day (because I had to get home) and my little camera got rained on, so all I have is a big camera, and it’s a bit annoying to lug around.

Head in the Sand

head in the sandA couple of weekends ago we went to Camber Sands, for a bike ride and to have a sit by the sea. I got restless, so I dug a big hole, then someone said, why don’t we bury you in it. So I let them. It was so weird. I don’t think I’ve ever been buried in the sand. I felt the weight of the sand pushing down on my lungs, it was a little bit scary but awesome. Then, I couldn’t get out. It was just too heavy. You should try it, it’s good!

A week or so before that, my family went on a track day (where you go to a racetrack and try out super fast cars.) for my Dad’s birthday. We had a go in a Porsche 911, a Caterham Superlight, a Jaguar XKR and a surprisingly fun Renault Clio. Actually the Clio was the only one I didn’t manage to spin off out of control into the grass with. But I’m still alive.


I moved to Elephant and Castle. South of the river, so I don’t have to keep eating babies (apparently that’s what they do on the North side). It’s awesome, we got a great flat with a great view and it’s gated so none of those filthy north of the river’ers can sneak in and steal our young.

Wojtek had a birthday party. Surf and Turf, the food was finished before I got there. It was great though, he’d moved loads of furniture into the garden onto the patio and put loads of lights around, then made a giant barbecue. It was a bit hippy though (but just a bit).

Started doing some tutoring at the RCA to help the graduating students actually graduate. It’s weird, a lot of them seem to just want to have someone to talk to about their project (which at this point is their entire life). It’s kind of like counseling at times.

Went to Oxford last weekend, mostly to visit the Pitt-Rivers Museum which is part of the natural history museum there. I read somewhere that it provided inspiration for parts of Harry Potter and His Dark Materials books, so I *had* to go. It was awesome. The botanical garden there was cool too.

All Quiet…

all quietSo this is April. Echo echo echo echo cho cho ho ho o. I sent a lot of emails today, mostly scouting for work, and got none back.

I’ve finally created a work blog:, so I can keep my work separate from my non-work life, if I ever get a life that is.

I got a very nice new camera, which I haven’t had a good chance to try yet, but I promise you plenty of delicious photos. The lens cost 3 times as much as the camera.

I leave you with a delightful picture of some cows.

What a Wonga

So, I had this plan to go to Australia. Actually I had a plan to go to Japan, but then the plan to go to Australia replaced it. I wanted to go for the same reason, just the location and the duration changed, oh, and the occupation.

I found out that the place I’d been hounding in Japan for a job weren’t taking anyone on, then I got offered to do a PhD in Sydney, which would last 3 years. I agreed because I wanted to escape, to turn over a new leaf as it were. However, I hadn’t completely sold myself on doing it. I planned on just doing it until I got bored then I’d bail out. That’s not a great attitude.

I didn’t actually want to do it, someone else wanted me to do it, so I said no. I really hope I don’t regret it.

Then a while ago, I went to this reunion of my school. I went because there were supposed to be free burgers, and also for semi-voyeuristic reasons. Everyone (almost without exceptions) was a banker. That’s everyone that went. A lot of people didn’t turn up. Mostly the people I wanted to see. Oh well.

Doing jury service made me realize how many stupid people there are here in London. Not the victims and the defendants, but the jury. The jury are selected 100% at random. The only thing that everyone has in common is that they’re registered to vote. Other than that they’re a perfect cross section of London.

Then last week was working on this “holographic interactive installation” for Future Cinema‘s Watchmen preview. The party was awesome. There were strippers, roller girls, fire hydrants a 50’s diner, a tank, hobos, american police cars, fake news reporters, oh and a preview of a film that wasn’t out yet. Gallows played too.

Here’s some photos:

Off to Amsterdam next weekend.

Snowed In

Yesterday, suddenly there was snow outside, so I decided to go for a run. I got about 100m before I came to my senses. These nicotine patches have been doing weird things to my brain.

Last night, the snow was a sort of hot chocolatey murky orange, which was from the colour of light pollution above London. It made it feel almost like daylight, or just before dawn. Bizzare. In the Alps, it’s usually all blue from the colour of the surface of the moon. Snow’s so white it practically glows.

We made a snow man in the garden – a 3 baller, which fell down about 5 minutes after we let the cat out. Evil little rodent.

Arthur had a little “party” thing at his house on the weekend, so we took his pet marmot on a road trip for some beer. The tescos security guard wasn’t happy.