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I went to Hawaii for 2.5 weeks after a particularly gruelling freelance job. I wanted to go to the Pacific before I reached 30, so this was my token attempt. It is beautiful there but very american. Here are some notes I made there…

2012-08-22 11:00
Lhr->Honolulu longest day ever! It’s so American unfortunately.

2012-08-24 04:14
Spent day wandering Honolulu. Ate japanese food, saw some weird plants. Went to beach

2012-09-01 20:02
Staying in an amazing hostel in the jungle. Got my own cabin in the wilderness.

2012-09-03 11:00
Hiked in the northwest of the island, along a coastal path, and then through a ravine to the waterfall. Swam under it. Overwhelmed by its power

2012-09-05 04:44
Went sea kayaking for 17 miles. Hottest day in Hawaii yet. Got sunburnt on my feet. The views were amazing, and it was a pleasure to fall into the warm sea.